Italian Night In

Y’all have heard me say it a thousand times in this current season of life when it comes to food we are literally a frozen, take-out, or delivery family. While living life a bit different these days cooking homemade meals and all that goes into the prep and clean up felt overwhelming for me. However, in the last couple of months, I had started to miss the therapeutic feeling that comes from making a meal for your little fam. 

I felt like I needed a magic wand or a really good #momhack and when I found Green Chef it honestly felt like I had found a #momhack. I mean all you do is hop online (which we do every day already), select a meal set for your family, and all their preferences whether balanced living, paleo, or keto, and then clicking a button that sends your EVERYTHING you need with only assembly required. It then appears on your doorstep via contact-free delivery.

The Green Chef box arrives packaged cold and fresh with all the ingredients you need already portioned out. The recipe cards are literally a step by step guide (which I definitely need) not only telling you how to cook everything but telling you at the very top what you need when it comes to supplies. Scissors, pots, pans, measuring cups; just the whole works so you’re ready to go!

I told Blake I felt like a chef that could go on a cooking show with these chopping skills! Is it just me or does a meal just feel like it will taste better when it’s full of color! 

If you’ve followed me long enough you know our family eats pizza at least once a week so for our meal choice you know I had to go with the Sundried Tomato Flatbread. Mixing it up with this flatbread felt like a nice change and honestly, flatbread is just like fancy pizza! I even made Alexa play “That’s Amore” to put us in the mood. LOL!

No joke this entire meal from start to finish took me 32 minutes! The clean up was minimal especially since Blake did it!

The final verdict? It was a hit with everyone and we will for sure be doing Green Chef again! London even told me “Mom, you’re even better at this than cooking chicken nuggets!” Gotta love tiny humans and their honesty at all times.

I will be definitely doing Green Chef again so be sure to check back and see what I whip up come September. But until then don’t be shy and give it a try yourself! Also, the wonderful people at Green Chef even included this coupon $80 off your order, including free shipping on the first box! (Additional restrictions apply), and if you do give it a go be sure to take me or let me know what you’re cooking!  




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