Feeling Like a Chef, Again!

Well, here we are again with a new week, and I once again figuring out how many meals I am going to need to cook and how many times I can work in take-out, order, or delivery. But if I am being honest after last month I wanted to do Green Chef again! 

Honestly, there is something so helpful about knowing that when I am going to cook I don’t have to figure anything out except going online to pick which meal I want to be sent to my house and the fact that it comes with everything I need besides the pots and pans I already have to cook it all up!

My girls picking the meal online is their favorite part so this time I had to let them help! We went online to the Green Chef website and to mix things up since my girls love eggs we decided to try the vegetarian option and my girls selected the Korean Fried Rice with Kimchi! I was honestly shocked because that’s a bold choice but I applauded their curious nature to try new things! 

Just like last time, the Green Chef box arrived with everything I needed to create a fun meal all kept cold on ice but it was such a busy day! So we put all the supplies all packaged up in the fridge for the next night! 

The girls love to help and so it’s fun when I have a chance to look at the recipe cards with all the step by step instructions to see where I can have them be my “chefs assistant”. Plus with everything measured out it makes it so much easier to have them help because I don’t need to worry about getting everything together. It’s there for me to grab and have them go! 

As you can see I may not cook at the time but when I do I honestly feel like Gordon Ramsey would approve; haha! But if I am being honest this whole meal showed it would take 30 minutes and even with my tiny chefs we had meals ready to go within 40. 

Once again I will definitely be doing this again next month! So be sure to check back and see what I whip up come September. But until then don’t be shy and give it a try yourself! Also, the wonderful people at Green Chef even included this $80 off coupon across 4 boxes, and if you do give it a go be sure to take me or let me know what you’re cooking! 


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