5 Way to Remember your Mom this Mother’s Day


It’s crazy to think that May has arrived and Mother’s Day is only 5 days away. I have to say that my favorite part about any Holiday is gift-giving. There is nothing I love more than finding just the right gift to give to someone I care about. Although my mother passed away almost 8 years ago I have learned over that time that there is no reason I still can’t “give her a gift” or honor her on Mother’s Day. As I was getting ready for Mother’s Day this year it made me reflect on that 1st Mother’s Day without my mom. I was really at a loss of what to do because although she may have not been there it didn’t mean that I still didn’t want to celebrate her. So with each passing year, I have found new ways to celebrate my mom and all she meant and still means to me as well as sharing that and passing it down to my girls. So I wanted to share just a few ideas of how you can celebrate your mom or your loved one's mom and honor them this Mother’s Day.


  • Buy & Name A Star- I love this idea! There are so many different websites you can go to that you can not only purchase a star but some you can even name after your loved one. Most websites will send you a certificate along with coordinates of where your star is. This one is especially fun if you have little ones because you can let them know they have a special star they can talk too. Be sure to double check the website though to make sure it’s a reliable one.


  • High Flying Love Note- This is one I made up with my girls although I am sure that there are others who have done it as well. My girls love to release balloons up to “Mimi” especially around her birthday. So sometimes we grab some paper and write a note or draw a picture and then squeeze it in a balloon. It’s a bit harder than it sounds but totally worth it. My girls love to send messages to “Mimi up in heaven” and it always makes my heart so happy.


  • Journaling- I am not the best at being consistent with this one but I do love it. Even if you can’t talk to them it’s fun to “write them letters”. Update them in the letter on life and what you’ve been up to since the last time you wrote. You can keep the journaling going and come back to it when you need to talk it can be quite therapeutic and comforting to put pen to paper and share things.


  • Visit their favorite spot- My mother loved Tower Cafe as well as other various restaurants around Sacramento and being that she grew up here the list wasn’t short. However, we spent the majority of our time at Nordies Cafe at the Arden Fair Mall. It’s really wonderful when I get the change to take my girls there. I love being in the space where I spent so much of our time together from a child up to an adult. Whenever I take my girls to a spot we frequented I love telling them all the stories or ordering some of our favorite dishes.


  • Look at old Pictures or Movies- This can be a hit or miss for some but for me, it’s really something I enjoy. I love to get out old photos to show my girls while sharing some of my favorite memories or even watching old home movies. During that time I also love to put on some of her favorite music whether it’s Motown, Carole King, or my personal favorite Christmas music.


I hope that you found this helpful and whether your Mother is present or not this Mother’s Day I hope that you find a way to celebrate them and enjoy this wonderful Day.


Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours whether that be past, present, or future.




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  1. A struggling momma
    April 30, 2020 / 4:42 am

    Thank you so much for writing this and all of these ideas. I lost my mom 9 months ago and with Mother’s Day coming up I’ve been over thinking what to do. I honestly forgot until my husband asked me if I wanted a weekend away to celebrate my own Mother’s Day which then reminded me I wouldn’t be going to see my mom this year. I appreciate your raw,not sugar coated,but so much heart in all of your posts especially your Tik toks about staying sane while home schooling a kindergartener. Same boat over here. I’m not a stalker I promise I just really appreciate all of your -advice

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